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Teahouse franchise

Franchise business

  • Teahouse franchise with a reputation
  • Teahouse franchise 24/7 support
  • Teahouse franchise 40% profitability
Teahouse franchise
Teahouse franchise

Бізнес за франшизою

  • Teahouse franchise З репутацією
  • Teahouse franchise Підтримкою 24/7
  • Teahouse franchise Рентабельністю 40%
Teahouse franchise

6 000$

Franchise fee

from 30 000$

Store Investment

18 months


  • Teahouse franchise The royalty is flexible. We include it if you sell products of another brand, and these sales exceed sales of TEAHOUSE products. It can be a percentage or a fixed fee – we discuss it individually.
Teahouse franchise


We have been importing, producing

and selling tea since 2006

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We export tea directly from the plantations


Components and accessories are also purchased directly from manufacturers.

9 countries, 42 regular suppliers, and representatives in China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Georgia and Kenya.

300+ items in stock


These are varieties and blends of tea, plus over 500 components and coffee.

We order coffee from the best roasters: 30 single varieties, 5 blends for espresso machines, and flavoured blends.

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Our manufactory is in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine


Cleaning, sorting and packing machines, 50 people in the team, and an experienced chemical technologist as the head of the production.

We built our manufactory from scratch, set up processes, and certified it according to ISO 22000:2019 (ISO 22000:2018, IDT).

20 stores, 14 franchised


We started with a small store in the Dnipro shopping centre, today 

there is a TEAHOUSE in the Kyiv Central Department Store.

Teahouse franchise
Teahouse franchise
Teahouse franchise

30% in a business season
15% in summer


Is the minimum growth plan for all TEAHOUSE stores.

We are growing faster on the Internet – it is 100% in comparison with each previous year.

We know all the tea people


We are friends and partners with all big tea and coffee businesses in Ukraine and some other countries since we represented the International Tea Championship in Ukraine.

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From December 2021
TEAHOUSE is in Poland


We were told that it was impossible, now we are the first Ukrainian tea brand that does not import from, but exports to Europe.

Teahouse franchise
How we are working?

We design the store

We select references and draw drawings of furniture and its arrangement. If you need 3D visualization, we have a proven designer. The work of the visualizer must be paid separately

We approve the store venue

We will carefully study all the locations you consider suitable and together we will choose the best one. We reserve the right to veto. Mandatory requirements for the premises: not a basement, 16 kV electricity, and pleasant neighbours

We form and train
your team

From the seller to the administrator – there will be people with proper competencies and enthusiasm. If someone leaves, we will help find new ones – the recruiter's fee is 100$ for each new employee

We set up work in the
accounting system

We use 1C program, there will be two accounts for your team – for the seller (limited rights) and for the administrator (full rights)

We form an assortment

Tea and coffee are always of the TEAHOUSE brand. Pastry and confectionery can be from the manufacturers of your choice

We order furniture

We deliver furniture only from our trusted contractor

We help you buy equipment

We will develop a list of optimal equipment, and share contacts of trusted suppliers. If necessary, we will order on your behalf and accompany the transaction

We set up marketing

We provide you with brand guidelines, include your store in mailings to regular customers in Telegram, set up targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram if you request, and create a Google business account. We will develop a local marketing plan for your store for an additional fee

We will enjoy working together if:

  • Teahouse franchise The break-even point will be reached no later than the fifth month of operation
  • Teahouse franchise Your team will comply with training and service standards
  • Teahouse franchise The share of TEAHOUSE tea sales will be at least 50% of the total sales
Contact us


+38 067 681 00 59 (9:00-17:00)